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Top 50 sellers ~ A Curated Stock Media Collection #1559374 | Pond5

Our top 50 sellers on Pond5 in one place! Click the link below Top 50 sellers¬† of 2018 on Pond5  

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turn of the century scientist moves a lamp closer to the microscope

From a shoot today. Another vintage concept, this time a late 1800’s chemist or scientist.

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Our most downloaded videos on Shutterstock

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World War II ~ A Curated Stock Media Collection #1415108 | Pond5

Series of World War II videos. All actor released - A collection of stock media including footage. BROWSE NOW from the link below. Source: World War II ~ A Curated…
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Camtool Alpha Beam Cable-less Gimbal | cinema5D

The Camtool Alpha Beam is a new sleek and compact 3-axis gimbal. Its selling point? A very easy-to-balance lightweight and cable-less design. Source: Camtool Alpha Beam Cable-less Gimbal | cinema5D…
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Our most sold videos on Shutterstock

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Old school special effects in video….

Remember when Hollywood made films using practical effects instead of digital? Well, I'm playing around with that. Shooting the background plate for my WWII pilot standing in the snow waiting…
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