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Canon C200 Review – Impressive RAW Footage & Ergonomics For Little Money | cinema5D

Here is our extensive Canon C200 Review. We had a chance to shoot and evaluate RAW & MP4 footage and we're quite impressed with the performance of this $6,000 camera.…
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Canon C200 v the competition: costs, specs, is it right for you? – Newsshooter

How much will the Canon C200 cost? Matt Allard compares Canon's latest Cinema EOS camera to the competition to see which will offer best value for money. Source: Canon C200…
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Canon Announces EOS C200 – Internal 4K RAW at Affordable Price

Canon just announced the launch of the Canon EOS C200. It marks a bold step by Canon, introducing internal 4K RAW at a relatively affordable price. Click on the link…
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